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Dabwoods Magic Melon

Magic Melons is the ideal hybrid strain for any melon lover because it is a cross  honey dew melons, watermelon, mango sherbert and cantaloupe. What makes a hit of this strain so mysterious other than the sweet traces of melon and watermelon in the fragrances, is that it can provide you with an increase in energy and pass on you feeling prepared to take on the world. Dabwoods Magic Melon

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To begin, the parent strain of the Magic Melon strain is Mango Sherbert, raised by crossing Mango Kush with Sherbert. This cross has provoked making a fruity and tropical Sativa-prevalent weed. The Magic Melon strain is made by Humboldt Seed Organization and components citrus and diesel scents as influenced by a high gathering of limonene. These scents are mix in with sweet berry notes as a nature of the myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes.

The high it conveys slants toward a stunning and full-body knowledge, making it ideal for drowsy nights when someone requires a shock of energy. Along these lines, it’s a large part of the time use by get-togethers hanging out or individuals who need generally a push during their outdoors works out.

Magic Melon Strain Significant Impacts and Advantages

Right when consumed, the Enchanted Melon marijuana starts taking effects from the back of the head, bit by bit filling the body with calm happiness. It discards negative thoughts, invites on a giggly lift, and saves clients dynamic for a seriously lengthy timespan into what’s in store.

With a THC level that scopes between 17.5 % and 21.25%, it is in excess of a tolerably strong strain. Its CBD content varies some place in the scope of 0.75% and 0.95%.while other cannabinoids found in this plant incorporate

Dabwoods Orange Expendable
The hard-hitting and trustworthy effects make this weed ideal for experienced smokers and people who experience the evil impacts of:

Diligent strain
Cerebral pains
Eye pressure

It can set off flimsiness, cerebral torment, and slurred talk in sensitive clients.

Information for Producers

Moreover, the plants are huge and produce significant and thick nugs with long, string like orange hairs. The nugs are layer with smooth white trichomes that impact the plant’s solidarity.

After the sprouting stage that perseveres through 50-57 days, the assemble begins. It happens 64 days after germination. The Enchanted Melon strain isn’t stunning being developed, but the plants are tall (60″- 80″ in level) and may require outperforming.

In nurseries, the yield is unassuming and aggregates to simply 0.5-1 oz./ft2. Outdoors flavors give more liberal weed crops that show up at 15-20 oz./plant.



Secondary effects | side effects
Cerebral pains
Slurred Discourse


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