Dabwoods x Runtz #1



Dabwoods x Runtz #1: Raspberry Lime Indica Strain

Dabwoods x Runtz #1 Raspberry Lime stands out with its delightful combination of raspberry and lime scents. The aroma is enticing, with a perfect blend of sweet and sour notes that can keep you coming back for more. The fruity flavor profile enhances the overall experience, making it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

The Effects of Dabwoods x Runtz #1 Raspberry Lime

While Raspberry Lime is an indica strain, it offers a surprising twist. Unlike many indica strains that can leave users feeling lethargic, Raspberry Lime is known to spark social and creative energy. This makes it an excellent choice for social gatherings or creative pursuits. However, novice consumers should approach with caution, as its effects can be quite potent.


• Social and Creative Boost: Ideal for social settings or when you need a creative spark.

• Balanced Flavor: The sweet and sour notes of raspberry and lime make for a pleasurable smoking experience.

• Enticing Aroma: The unique blend of raspberry and lime scents is both refreshing and enjoyable.


If you’re looking for a strain that combines a delightful aroma, balanced flavor, and a unique set of effects, look no further than this . Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user or just starting out, this strain offers a versatile experience that’s hard to beat.