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Where to buy Dabwood Zookies Online

Dabwoods Zookies, a live rosin hybrid strain resulting from the fusion of Zkittlez and Gelato, offers a solvent-free experience. This strain is your go-to choice for a natural burst of energy and euphoria. With its sweet, sugary aroma and a taste profile celebrated for its fruity and delightful notes.

Explore Zookies Cartridge

Dabwoods Zookies Cartridge, a true resin hybrid blend of Gelato and Zkittlez, tantalizes the palate with a sweet and candy-like flavor, featuring hints of strawberries and lavender. This strain boasts a pleasing berry fragrance and delivers long-lasting calming and uplifting effects.

Indulge in Zookies Cartridge

Zookies Cartridge, an indica-dominant variety, lives up to its name with a watermelon-like taste and a finish that’s reminiscent of candy. Furthermore, this cart’s juice is a valuable asset for aiding sleep or stimulating appetite, thanks to its enjoyable sweet scent and calming properties.

Discover Platinum Zookies


Platinum Zookies, born and bred in LA, earns its name through its candy-like aroma and vibrant buds. This hybrid, a cross between Platinum Zookies and Gelato #33, offers a smooth flavor profile complementing its scent, with subtle tropical and earthy undertones. With various phenotypes, it can lean toward either a dominant sativa or indica. These resin-rich nuggets pack a potent punch, making Zooted Carts strain a sought-after gem.

Unearth Friendly Farm Cartridges Strain

Moreover, the origins of the Friendly Farm Cartridges strain remain shrouded in mystery, cultivated in an anonymous breeder’s garden. Reportedly, it boasts earthy undertones and delightful flavors and aromas reminiscent of sweet tropical fruit. Lastly, this cultivar is said to contain an average THC level of 17% and a CBD range of 3-10%.

Please note that the availability and legal status of these strains may vary by location, so always ensure you’re following local laws and regulations when purchasing and using cannabis products.