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Dabwoods Blue Raspberry Slushie

To begin, here at Dabwoods we have developed from the enthusiasm and endeavours of Crown Hereditary qualities who is commonly known in the business for having premium OG weed strains as well as 14 award winning strains and concentrates in Southern California. With a group of similarly energetic experts, we are an accomplished association with establishment in the weed business. Quality control on the board, equipment fabricating, client experience, and improvement procedures. All to guarantee our items are dependably on the main edge of development. With authorized offices in Southern California, and Northern California, we have laid out far reaching quality control and production network the executives principles to guarantee consistency and quality. With prompt designs for future development to other product offering, another period of weed culture is being conceived.

Blue Raspberry Slushie vape

Furthermore, Dabwoods Disposable – Blue Raspberry Slushie is a sativa strain that, as its name recommends. It poses a flavor like you taking a taste of a blue raspberry icee. With a smell that conveys sweet and natural notes, this strain is renowned to elevate spirits, relieve pain and make moods better. The Blue Raspberry Slushie flavor is considered  as high potency with a 90.05% THC and 38.69% CBD. It is said to produce easy going effects that are uplifting, euphoric and enjoyable making you feel happy, relaxed and creative.

How to Use Dabwoods Blue Raspberry Slushie Disposable

1. Unbox and Unwrap: Firstly, carefully remove the disposable vape from its packaging, ensuring it remains intact and undamaged.

2. Prime the Device: Next, take a few gentle puffs to activate the device and ensure proper airflow before inhaling deeply for maximum flavor and satisfaction.

3. Enjoy Responsibly: Savor the delightful taste of Blue Raspberry Slushie vape with moderation, appreciating each puff without overindulging.


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